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January 2015
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Happy New Year!  We're about three weeks into the new year, so we should all have forgotten about our resolutions. Now it's time to roll up our sleeves and start working on the real goals for 2015. We are no different at StreetJelly. We have a number of initiatives currently under way. Here's the short list...
  • Beta-testing new broadcaster. A few of your fellow musicians have been helping us test out new broadcasting software. Very shortly, we'll be streaming in full MP4 Stereo, and viewable on iPhones / iPads.
  • Mobile App. Shortly after we are streaming in native video for mobile devices, we'll be releasing a StreetJelly mobile app!
  • Marketing Campaigns. We will be concentrating in 2015 to bring more viewers from the general public to the site. Be on the lookout for "Musicians in Malls", our "On the Road" series, and more.

Love Song Night 2015
Love Song Night - February 14th

Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs...

Date:  Saturday, 2/14/2015
Time:  All Night!
Why:  Share your night with all those that love you on StreetJelly. Get ready for mushy love songs!

Open to all musicians and lovers.

Musician Marketing Tips:  Be Prepared

This is a simple tip, but one that is often overlooked. Be prepared before you start your StreetJelly show. Yes, StreetJelly was built around the premise of both performing planned e-concerts, as well as impromptu jam-from-the-basement shows. But remember what you look like when you start a show and fumble around in a state of unpreparedness. No theater manager or night club owner would allow you to take the stage and let you stand there tuning your guitar and staring off into oblivion on what song to start with.

The reason, it bores and drives away your audience!

Here are a few suggestions:
  • Have a set list ready with at least 5 or more songs to play.
  • Use the StreetJelly repertoire feature to jog your memory of what you have previously performed.
  • Try starting your shows with the same song each time. This will get you warmed up with a familiar tune.
  • Don't rely on "anyone have a request" as your next song. Most viewers really have a hard time guessing a song to request. And unless you are a human juke-box, you probably won't know the song, anyway.
  • Tune your instruments BEFORE you start broadcasting. No one wants to watch the "tuning song" for the 100,000th time.

New Releases and Projects by StreetJelly Artists

Robbie Hancock   Robbie Hancock releases three songs from his new album "Better Than It Ever Was." Songs are available for FREE download from his website Also, find more music from Robbie at iTunes.

Do you have a new  album or CD in the works?  Let us know and we'll help spread the word for you here in our newsletter. Just drop us a line at

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